Supporting the transformation of all businesses through AI/DX insourcing support

Aidemy provides product solutions that support the promotion of DX and the insourcing of AI/DX, which together form the foundation of corporate transformation. We provide comprehensive support for human resource development, problem selection, PoC development, and operation, which are essential for companies to promote DX.

  • Flow for promoting DX projects and overview of services
    Flow for promoting DX projects and overview of services

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  • For corporate customers

    DX human resources development service that creates an impact onsite

    Aidemy Business is an e-learning platform for businesses that supports DX human resources development and reskilling. It allows users to learn AI and other leading-edge technologies anytime, anywhere, enabling all employees to acquire basic DX literacy. A plan that can be started for free is also available.


    Problem-solving consulting to support the insourcing of DX projects

    Modeloy is a solution service that systematically supports the acquisition of practical skills, definition of tasks, PoC, development and operation required for DX projects at various companies.


    Practical DX program for next-generation executives to develop the leaders who will drive Japan

    The Next Executive Program is a five- to six-month training program designed to provide the next generation executives with a systematic knowledge of leading-edge technologies and the practical skills to paint a picture of product reform, supply chain reform, and management and organizational reform.

  • For consumers

    Programming school to learn DX knowledge from scratch

    From inexperienced to AI-savvy in three months.
    Programming school specializing in Python where individuals can learn about AI programming and data analysis, and how to acquire E-qualifications.