Implementing leading-
edge technologies
in the business world.

Accelerating the creation of next-generation industries by speedily installing
new software technologies such as AI onsite at businesses.
That is our mission at Aidemy.

About us




DX human resources development service
that creates an
impact onsite


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Problem-solving consulting to support the insourcing
of DX projects


ロゴ:Aidemy Premium

Programming school to learn DX knowledge from scratch


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  • Employee interviews
    Here we deliver the voices of our members full of individuality. You can learn about the various roles and tasks at Aidemy.
  • Designer’s notes
    Here we provide information on the efforts of the design team as well as the background to various designs and what we value.
  • AI-CAN[web media specialized for DX]
    Here we provide content to help the promotion of DX at companies and the development of organizational and human resources, as well as examples of how Aidemy Business and Modeloy can be used.
  • Aidemy Magazine
    Check out our web magazine that disseminates information for learning about and utilizing artificial intelligence (AI). It contains articles that are easy to understand even for people with no programming experience.