Implementing leading-edge technologies
in the business world.

Accelerating the creation of next-generation industries by speedily installing new software
technologies such as AI onsite at businesses. That is our mission at Aidemy.

  • Client First

    Everything we do is for our customers

    We deliver the highest value to our customers and strive to impress them beyond their expectations.

  • Top Speed

    Super fast and growth beyond

    Achieve high growth potential through speedy decision-making and action.

  • Scientific Mindset

    Be scientists

    We always take on challenges while looking squarely at the facts and data.

  • One Aidemy

    Trust and respect

    We work together to achieve our mission.

Our code of conduct is defined by the following four values.

Services / Products

Supporting the transformation of all businesses through AI/DX insourcing support

The goal we value in designing our services is not to educate or train users, but rather
to make AI/DX insourcing successful and profitable for users.

Furthermore, we do not just take on the development of systems that involve AI or provide training. We provide a line-up of product solutions to support the promotion and insourcing of DX, which together form the foundation of corporate transformation, based on our policy: Providing the tools necessary for realizing user-driven insourcing of AI/DX.

Brand Identity Aidemy

The first letter in Aidemy is A, which is also the first letter of the alphabet, and its pointed shape overlaps with the image of a “leading-edge.” The shape of a compass needle is expressed by combining two A’s, one right side up and one upside down. Just as the invention of the compass ushered in the Age of Discovery and expanded the world, it expresses Aidemy’s desire to be a compass that always points to leading-edge technologies ahead of the curve and enable companies to move forward in an age of uncertainty. The arrows pointing both upwards and downwards indicate balanced growth in terms of not only upward growth but also growing deep roots, and the two elements symbolize the existence of Aidemy that is close to its customers.