Implementing leading-edge technologies
in the business world.

Since our founding in 2014, the environment surrounding Aidemy has undergone a significant paradigm shift. In addition to the conventional education and training services that we have provided since the foundation of the company, Aidemy is also a partner in implementing leading-edge technologies to support the transformation of a range of companies.

In the course of supporting many companies, we came to believe that in order to realize corporate transformation, it is insufficient to only recruit and develop human resources, and that it is essential to find “transformational human resources” within an organization who can create new value. Discovering such “transformational human resources” accelerates both the practical application of new technologies and the implementation of these technologies in society. Aidemy supports corporate and social changes and realizes transformation utilizing leading-edge technologies.

Technology is a tool for enriching human lives, and it is the accumulation of the technologies of our predecessors that has led to our lives being enriched greatly. Aidemy’s aim is to bring these accumulated technologies into business situations and use them as a profit maker rather than a temporary experiment or philanthropic activity.
We believe that utilizing technologies in a sustainable form as corporate activity will lead to the realization of our mission of implementing leading-edge technologies in the business world, and we hope to contribute to a further leap forward in society and the world.